First blog post

Hello Friends I am Akhilesh from India. I have started this blog in order to share my travel memories and help people to plan their trips easier. 



Live like a shepherd 

So today in the western ghats it was mainly cloudy the weather i love. It’s always beautiful to see the clouds in full motion. Went to a place called choukul I don’t know if i have spelt it correctly. The place is full of habitation and to point out it’s very clean. One should take an example from them. Ohh my lights have gone off and i cannot find my candle.Damn!! After returning back from the scenic village i had the best meal possible cooked by my man friday. No points for guessing what i did after that.Slept like a baby, but couldn’t overdo as i had to go to picture a shepherd.

After meeting him i was so so touched. They lead such a simple life, their needs are not too many yet they are so content, thats the beauty of them. It is soo difficult in today’s world to be content with hardly anything. Maybe that is why they don’t feel like coming to the cities with all the competition which leads you nowhere.!! I would say one day in your life try living like a shepherd and see how content you will be.!! 

Shepherd going to chop some wood 

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I am sitting here in my balcony waiting for my breakfast and soaking in the richness of nature. Sometimes i think are we really richer to nature? Where will you be able to see the grasslands filled with water droplets in the morning.Nothing can buy such blissful feeling one can get.Thoughts have captured me and i am wondering what to do today? Should i just soak in the nature or go explore more.!

Oh yes i forgot!! My friends are coming for lunch today and spend to days off from the bustling and hustling of city life.

Now on my way to the market. We’ll see if i can get hold of a local who can help me explore the market place. But all said and done i still don’t want to leave my balcony.

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Fish thali in Savantwadi 

So after a lazy day in the morning my friends and I went down to savantwadi which is like half and hours drive from Amboli. This place is well know for its wooden handicrafts and but offcourse sea food. That is why we decided to go for a seafood meal. Let me tell you people Bhalekar’s in Savantwadi will not disappoint you. Waiting is so long there that even the ques in bank’s move quicker. After a long wait we got to our table and i would just say it was worth the wait. As i am writing this i am still having lemon soda .Maybe i’ll have to skip dinner tonight and maybe i’ll have another glass of lemon soda.

Lovely weather 

Good morning all, lovely weather here in the western ghats,got a picture of a malabar whistling trush today, not to my liking though. Going to give it a try later in the evening. Now enjoying a plate of upma 

listening to birds talking to each other. Sometimes i wonder what must they be talking. I am so inquisitive. Lets see if i can over hear what they are talking!  

Lazying Around 

Ok so today I didn’t do anything in particular but yes i did what i wanted to do, capture the sunrise. I had to get up at 5 as the sun rises earlier in the ghats.Seeing the sunrise is a blissful feeling it reminds you of life’s up’s and downs nothing’s permanent even the sky changes its color. When you see the nature at it’s best nothing is more rapturous. I can go around doing nothing just sinking in the nature, In the mornings listening to the sound of birds, trees talking to themselves. OH WHAT FUN!! Now i am again sitting in the balcony i have my friends over gossiping over old school days oh those were the days.! Anyway more gossiping happening bye for now.!    

Exploring the unapprehended village in Amboli 

So i could not sleep  properly the night earlier. So I skipped trekking and thought of exploring some unapprehended village in the western ghats of Amboli. After having my breakfast of vada pav (its like a potato burger ) and onion pakodas and but obviously a cup of tea without which i cannot attain my natures call. Damn whats in the tea ? Any answers. Don’t care i love it. Yes i am going off track but i have to mention my love for tea.! So i set up on a village hunting trip, through the dusty roads and jungles while collecting some orchids on the road. We came to a tiny village, in which the house were very closely knot like a beehive around 6 houses in the entire village to be precise. But it was breathtaking to see their unity, their cleanliness everything was just worth the journey. The western ghats must be underrated but i’ll tell you these ghats are the untouched gold mines.Now i have to go to plan a route for tomorrow, have to make some cheese omelette for myself getting a bear grylls type of a feeling. Cmon you tough man.!! 

THE TREASURE ISLAND (village in western ghats) 


Amboli the tranquil beauty

So here i am in the western ghats sitting in my balcony drinking a hot cup of mushroom soup seeing the mist coming in Yes this balcony is with a view.  One tends to forget the world when you arrive here it’s so tranquil a meditaters delight i would say. Now i cannot continue writing more because people are chitchatting here and crickets are at their noisiest best.! Will write the remaining when i can concentrate more. Now just waiting for my seafood dinner to be served.!! Damn its on my table now and i cannot resist..see you soon..!